Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Let us say you just want to have a small tattoo. Usually people want their first one on their arms. And those ones are what we call sleeve tattoo design. These small designs or group of tattoos that are being drawn on a person's arm have a lot of designs to choose from.

From small ones to big ones, or ever smaller tattoos that has been connected together resulting to a very unique design. Now, having a tattoo on a half sleeve basically means to only cover part of your arm. It is either at your upper arm or your lower arm.

From the term itself "half sleeve", like the sleeve of your clothing, is just placing a tattoo only to the half of your arm. Whichever way this type of design is more common and a favorite place in putting your tattoo. Well, especially with men. Having a tattoo here has this machismo effect in them!

Talking about the designs as well, you can do any designs that you like to put on your arm. So before you have your first tattoo, think very well on what design you want, especially when you are thinking to put it on your arm. Because after having the tattoo you can never erase that. Half sleeve tattoo designs easily get attention because it is partly exposed.

Well that is why it is a favorite spot to put on a tattoo for someone to show it off. Putting a tattoo on the other parts of the body is okay but having it on a sleeve can be a a head turner.

A good design could give you praise. And a bad one could make people look at you in a negative way. But in either ways, tattoo is still an art. You just have to be creative and imaginative with your canvass.

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