Heart Tattoos For All Personalities

When most people think of heart tattoos, they think of the classic red heart with an arrow going through it. Usually this tattoo has a name connected to it in a scroll. Today, the typical heart tattoo is defying the standards and becoming more creative than ever!

Heart tattoos don't have to be the typical cross design anymore. The most striking tattoo I have ever seen was an anatomically correct heart tattooed on a man's chest right where his heart was. At first glance, it was so striking because it was the most realistic tattoo I've ever seen. It came complete with arteries and veins which added to the intrinsically interesting design. A tattoo of this character shows how the heart truly is the center of someone's existence, and crucial to life.

If you're adventurous and biologically driven, an anatomical heart is a unique heart tattoo design that will turn heads. In fact, anatomical tattoos have become more popular in the last few years. There's even a "Zombie man" who's had his bones, tendons and gastrointestinal organs tattooed over his body in anatomically correct positions!

During ancient Rome, the heart was thought to be the center of emotion and passion. As such, the God Cupid was seen and portrayed with a rough etched heart design that's close to what we draw today. Except in ancient Rome, the heart design wasn't perfectly balanced. It had a larger left side, which made the design seem a bit off-balance.

Of course, many modern tattooists are still opting for the typical heart design. The regular heart design began during the late Christian era after the fall of the Roman Empire. Monks would draw the heart design on the Judeo-Christian symbol of the crucifix. They would also use the heart design to represent the "Sacred Heart" of Jesus. Today, we have the modern heart design that represents love, passion and sexuality. This symbol has infiltrated almost every culture on Earth.

This typical heart symbol combines both Roman and Christian tradition. The heart as an expression of sexuality reaches back to ancient Rome when Cupid was the ruler of passion and romantic love. The traditional heart as a symbol of commitment and familial love comes from the more subdued Christian undertones. Still today, the heart can be used as a symbol for the Roman god, or the Christian faith in many tattoos.

So, what kind of heart is right for your tattoo? It depends on your personality and what style you want! Classic heart tattoos usually have a name or date attached to it. Some other heart tattoos use a color other than red to shade the heart. Another design for heart tattoos includes using whole groups of hearts in a pattern, rather than just one. Utilizing your own creativity can help you design your own unique heart design that stands out from the rest. Also, using a special color can add more meaning to your heart tattoo that can be secret and mysterious. This adds only more interest to your design.

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