Polynesian Tattoo Designs Make the Best Black Ink Tattoos

Tattoo art designing is one of the universal methods for expression of art. Almost all over the world, archaeologists have unearthed tribes and ancient civilizations that have links with tattoo art. Tattoos are used not just for art expression, but also for spiritual, medicinal and even social functions.

However, when the word tattoo or tattoo art is spoken, nothing comes into mind faster than the word Polynesia. Polynesian tattoo designs have almost been completely intertwined with tattoo art itself. The word tattoo has been traced back by Oxford English Dictionary from a Polynesian word "tatau" with "ta" means hand, and "tata" is an onomatopoeic reference to the continuous action, and the final syllable "u" simply means color.

Polynesian tattoo designs are most often referred to as the "tribal" art since it draws its origins from pre-colonial tribes in the island groups of Polynesia. The tattoo designs here range from lines, dots, curves and lines, to animal symbols, masks, and other figures. They are traditionally used in a more spiritual sense, for example as a guide for the wearer against bad luck, even protection from harm

Polynesian tattoo designs are categorized into two: the Enata and Etua. The Enata designs are, safe to say, natural designs that embody the wearer. It gives the wearer a sort of an identity, as this design reflect one's history, land of origin, kind of work or occupation, and even social status. The Etua on the other hand, are more spiritual, and magical, as they are symbols of protection granted to a people, or even a tribe, by the gods themselves. Today's designs however, carry a little less weight.

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