A Tattoo For Girls to Avoid - This Style is Played

A Tattoo For Girls to Avoid - This Style is Played
This was all the rage for many years. Thousands and thousands of girls jumped on this bandwagon and got low back tattoos because it was the "in thing". It became major trendy. And this was the downfall of the low back tat.

There were a lot of advantages to this style: it was safe and easy to cover up. One didn't have to see it every day, which lessened some of the psychological risks with getting ink. It was sort of like a tattoo which you could carry in your back pocket, and take it out when you wanted by wearing a high cut tee and low cut jeans.

But what was unfortunately seen as the biggest advantage to this style, was that it was the in thing to do. But being popular leads to being played out. And this leads to mock.

Now days the lower back tat on girls is referred to as a "tramp stamp". This came about because of the trendy nature of the style. Everyone and their sister was jumping on the trendy bandwagon and getting low back's to try and look cute and cool. This overabundance of trend and underabundance of originality, led to the universal term for lower back ink on girls as being coined tramp stamps.

Now days, this is a tattoo for girls to avoid, unless you honestly have your heart set on this location and are doing so out of true desire and not trendy jumping on the bandwagon "I want to look cool" desire. That train's been ridden.

Tattoos should be all about originality. That has become difficult to do as ink popularity has drastically risen in the last decade. Always try to seek out high quality work, which means something to you personally. There are many outlets on the internet which allow you to research high quality designs, learn their meaning, and ultimately find the best tattoo design that speaks to you personally, and not to the popularity of the moment.