10 of the World's Best Bloggers

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According to Bloggers.com as of 6/21/2011, here's the top10 list of World's Best Bloggers. (Note: please see Bloggers.com for more info about this list. Thank you.)

1 - Odliam [ United States | Arts & Culture]

Born? Yes!
* Basic School smooth and uneventful.
* BS and MS in Electronics.
* I have journeyed up and down this our exquisite and hapless planet.
* Now, I relax getting language balanced, that is, in translations, edition and proofreading, even if only to keep the Martini stirred not shaken.
2 - Tropical Mum [Australia | Personal]

A Canadian-born naturalised Australian, I live in paradise with my husband and two boys. I work part-time as a virtual assistant and study part-time for a technology degree. Our family enjoys the ultimate lifestyle but on a budget. We struggle to pay the bills, but can enjoy a day at the beach watching the kids play in the waves; we count our lucky stars everyday. Follow me as I share a glimpse into what it is like to live in the tropical far north of Queensland. Sometimes I am humorous, and other times, well I'm not.
3 - Sarah [ United States | Technology]

I love everything having to do with blogging: writing, template design, connecting with other bloggers.

My blog, Template Faerie, is a way for me to share my passion for blogging and help other bloggers at the same time. I discuss how to create and maintain an attractive, unique, and successful blog.
4 - Horses And Heels [United States | Life & Lifestyle]

My blog Horses & Heels is a trendy blog for men & women interested in fashion, shopping, horses, & cooking. I blog about all of my favorite things, I have an unhealthy obsession with cowboy boots & bb simon.
5 - Jill Wellington [United States | Life & Lifestyle]

I'm a journalist/author who raised two kids while reporting television news and writing books. My insanely zany life with hubby and two small children was cracking me up...mentally and mirthfully.

That's when I started writing a newspaper column called "This is Life?". I never had to pay for therapy. I spilled the entire mess into 500 words every week and they paid ME to release my insanity to the public.

I had to stop when my daughter grew old enough to NOT want her hilarious happenings in the newspaper. Ever since, the hilarity has been building up like a simmering volcano until I discovered blogging!

Once again, it's time for public therapy. This blog forces me to look for the funny side of our human reality and ask myself
"This is Life?"
6 - Balqis [Malaysia | Life & Lifestyle]

I'm a simple person who loves reading, writing, music and nature. I started blogging since August 2009 after getting an encouragement from a friend. Topics in my blog are on general matters and everyone is welcome to visit my site and give comments/responses on whatever I write.

I'm quite new to blogsphere cos my blog is one year old this August 2010. I have a positive outlook in life though having to face many life's challenges all this while. Everyone's going through the ups and downs of it. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that there's always a blessing in disguise and I'm counting my blessings.

A little introduction about myself, I'm married with 2 children. I hail from "The Land Of The Hornbills", Sarawak, Malaysia and residing in a very fast developing town, Bintulu, which is my country's economic hub for its huge Liquefied Natural Gas plants, Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis and ASEAN Bintulu Fertilizer plants and deep sea port of world class. It's a beautiful town with its well organized landscapes and I just love being here and enjoy the peaceful life. The communities here are diverse and we are living harmoniously in spite of our different backgrounds. I'll write more about this in my blog.

Come and visit my blog and be my friends. Looking forward to seeing you guys around! Have a nice day!
7 - Evelyn [United States | Green]

I am vegan, blogger and passionate about inspiring others to make healthy lifestyle changes. I enjoy reading, writing, singing, and making videos.
8 - Reut Rashook [Israel | Green]

Hi everyone, I am working from home Mom. Please feel free to check out my blog Greenparenthood.com which focuses on natural green parenting, healthy lifestyle, natural food, green tips and ecologic products. Would love to hear from you!
9 - Kira Permunian [Philippines | Technology]

Simple Midnight Blogger from the Philippines . Visit my SEO and Social Media Stuff at LS Geekster Online .
10 - AnaLuiza [Brazil | Arts & Culture]

've started this blog to share the good things people create in arts, science, leisure, ideas, no matter where or when. A dash of humor, a drop of beauty and lots of creativity

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