10 of Yahoo's Failed Answers (Hilarious)

We know it's a free service, but before asking a question on Yahoo Answers, please be sure to use some common sense. Meet ten(10) funny Yahoo Answers that'll leave you wondering about the fate of humanity. It’s a scary thought that these people have internet access, but even more terrifying is that they are breeding.

Yahoo Answers can be an incredible source of information and quality advice if you’re asking or looking for the right questions but… since it has many, many millions of users, you just know that there will be a bunch of pretty dumb people who turned it into one of the greatest sources of laughs on the Internet too.
We’ve all heard many stupid questions in our lives until now but some of the questions asked on these Answers sites will knock you off your chair and you’re really going to roll over your floor laughing when you’re gonna see what these users are asking.
So, there you have it, we’ve gathered here some of the funniest (and dumbest) Yahoo Answers fails, questions that probably none of us would ever think of.